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Recommend Items                

1.)  We reccomend a puppy exercise pen to start them off in then go on to crate training. If you are not there to take them out every 2-3hrs at first. So they can use the potty.  You can crate train them once you are not gone longer than they can hold it. So you can place a pee pad on one end and their bed/toys on the other along with food/water. Their crate is a good item for their bed in the exercise pen so they can get used to being in it. Our puppies are set up like this until they are ready to go home. All of our puppies are Washable Pee pad trained. They go on the pee pee pad the first day I set up the pen. They are extremely smart.

*** This set up is very good as well as they sleep alot. So they can have a space to get rest. 

Here are 2 types of exercise pens that are good.


 As a rule your puppy can only hold it for how many months old they are. Example:
2 Months (8wks) -- 2hrs 
3 Months (12wks) -- 3 hrs 
and so on. 
They can hold it 8hrs once they reach 8 months. 

2.) They will be eating Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy when they go to their new home.
They need to eat puppy food until they are 12 months old. They will be eating 3 times a day when they go to their new home. They can be switched to 2 times a day at 4-6 months old. They then can eat 2 times day until they are a year old. They can eat once daily after a year but twice a day feedings are better for their system. Tcup puppies will be eating 4 times a day (they then can be switched to 3 times a day at 4-6 months ). 
When looking at the cups/pounds chart on the food bag to divide the cups into the number of feedings

f you switch 
their food do so slowly over a 5 day period. 10 % new the First day, 25 % the 2nd, 50% the 3rd , 75% the 4th and 100% new the 5th day.  

3.) Food/Water bowls. Make sure and keep clean fresh water for your puppy at all times.   

4.) Puppy shampoo.  I use Happy Eyes by Chris Christensen

5.) Grooming Spray Ice on Ice Chris Christensen

6.) Pin Brush 
 Brush, Your puppy needs to be brushed at least weekly if not every day. Not just for grooming so she/he can get used to being brushed/groomed. 
I like a brush with the metal pins this gets down to the roots.

7.) Comb 

8.) Eye scissors ( Martha stewart brand at Petsmart is a good pair) 

9.)  Ear powder ( to make it easy to remove the hair from their ears if they do not go to the groomer every 2-3 months.) 

10.)  Treats -- We use Lamb Ears, Bully Sticks, Rawhide Sticks and The Eukanuba Puppy Biscuits. Make sure they are Made in the U.S.A.  Remember to always check any treat bag and see if it is for puppies and what size. Sometimes it will say for puppies over 5-6lbs and over 6 months of age. 

11.) TOYS  

Nylabone puppy toys ( we love the rubber teething pacifier) 

Petstages toys ( great small toys for puppies) 

Li'l Pals toys ( they have great tiny toys for puppies) 
Li'l pals you can not find in many stores. 

12.) Puppy pads for rainy and/or freezing weather and I place some by our doors for accidents.
Or to put in their exercise pen.

Washable Pads we use.

13.) Collar/Leash remember your puppy grows fast. Never leave the collar on your puppy only use them when your are training/walking them. It is also better to use a harness rather than a collar your baby could easily slip out of a collar and that would not be good if you were going for a walk.

For first few nights it is good to put either a heart beat pillow(petstages brand toys has these), stuffed toy the puppy's size, and/or a water bottle filled with warm water and put in a sock 

Their vaccines are very important. They will usually have 1-3 sets of shots before leaving us ( depending on their age/size at pick-up). If they have not had all 3 shots they will then need their next shot 3-4wks after the date of their last shot. They will need Rabies also at 16wks. Then your vet will put them on a schedule. It is very important not to take your puppy out to parks/stores until they have had their puppy shots completed.    

This is a stressful time for them. The changing of environment. Some are more sensitive and do not eat that good when changing homes. If your puppy is not eating that good when he/she comes to their new home their food can be soaked in water and mashed up or just soaked. It will encourge them to eat. Especially Teacup puppies. These tiny puppies can stress even more easily. (see our Teacup Page). Some puppies while not T-cups needs these directions also. Stress by changing environment, playing too much with children, adults or other pets and over handling of the puppy can lead to hypoglycemic attacks. Repeated Stress can lead to Repeated Hypoglycemic attacks that can lead to Liver Damage or even Death. All puppies need a Stable Environment/Schedule especially during their adjustment period. They need to be brought into your home and not taken several different places within a short amount of time ( the first couple weeks up to a month). Let your puppy adjust to his/her new surroundings first then they can be taken different places and introduced to new dogs and people.

Nutracal paste can be used to boost their blood sugar if they are not eating well. Or If you are having your puppy shipped have some on hand when she/he gets off the plane. They miss a meal or a couple of meals.

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