We have a special room and yard for our females when they come into heat so they are separate from our other dogs. When we know it is time we breed the male we want with a certain female. We are extremely careful about parentage.  We have 3 other yards our doggies are allowed to go in so they have lots of room to run and play. One yard is a whole doggie playground.  They go out to their yards to play at bathroom times/play times. We only have vinyl floors throughout our house. So it is easy to keep clean

Our Puppies are Home-Raised with Lots of Love and Care. We have few litters/puppies a year. We have put a lot of time and money into acquiring our Mommies and Daddies. They are always healthy and kept up to date on heart worm prevention, shots and anything else they need done such as teeth cleanings. Our Puppies are Raised in our Home. They are used to a Home Environment which includes the temp. , the noises and the feeling of Home. I (Carol) am always up no matter what time the Mommy decides to have her puppies.  So I am always there just in case she needs help.  We closely observe the pups the first couple weeks especially. They are given wormer to prevent worms at the important times and they have their first shot before they go ( depending on age sometimes they have 2 shots or all their shots). They are picked up and played with several times a day. We always have Super Happy Puppies  Ready to Bond with Their New Owner/Family !!!  

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