Deposit Contract

Your deposit is applied towards the purchase price of the puppy. It holds a certain puppy of your choice until it is ready to go or agreed pick-up date. We are not responsible for any change of mind, so buyer must be sure when placing a deposit. The balance must be paid in full(with cash) by age puppy is ready(varies by breed.) or the agreed pick-up date. Deposits are Non-Refundable and Non- Transferable. Unless there is a health issue with the puppy. 

Health Guarantee 


We have taken every reasonable measure of care to make sure your puppy will be in good health when and after he/she leaves here. The Buyer must take this puppy to a Licensed veterinarian for a Health Check/Puppy Well Check within 72 Business Hours (weekends and holidays excluded ) or it will VOID the Health Guarantee.  If the Veterinarian certifies that, at the time of sale, the puppy was unfit for purchase due to a Life Threatening Congenital/Hereditary defect with your Puppy's Heart or Liver or finds this with a Health Check within the first 12 months of the Puppy's life.  A Letter from the Veterinarian and the Puppy Must be returned to the seller within 48 hrs of the Health Check/Puppy Well Check that the disorder was found so we can Confirm this with our Vet. If the Seller's Vet has also found the Puppy to have the same Condition Found at the Buyer's Health Check/Puppy Well Check ; The Puppy will be Exchanged. This contract is null and void in the event of an accidental injury, fatal viruses caught after leaving the seller, accidental poisoning or negligence. If the Puppy has died an necropsy must be done by a Licensed Vet and a copy must be sent back to us as well as all paperwork. The purpose of the necropsy is to confirm that the puppy did not die due to injury, accident, hypoglycemia, or an illness that was caused by the buyer. If these conditions are not met then the Contract is Void and there will not be a replacement. If a replacement is deemed , it will be made for the same value, unless buyer wants to pay the difference of a more valuable puppy. There are NO CASH refunds unless we will not be having another litter in a time frame considered reasonable by the seller. Also this contract is Non Transferable. Which means if you decided to find a new home for your puppy the contract is Void. Puppies do stress during moves to new homes, change of diet, and over handling can bring on things that are dormant such as but not limited to Worms, Coccidiosis and Giardia which are treatable, and are not reasons for return. Do not take your puppy out to stores, other homes with pets, parks, the groomers, boarding or Doggy Day Care facilities without all of their shots. Any Virus Caught after the puppy leaves here are also no reason for return. Puppies are like children; they are susceptible to pneumonia, colds and other infections due to drafts, cold temperatures, etc. Another problem in small puppies is Hypoglycemia, which is brought on by a number of reasons: playing too much with children, adults or other pets , change in environment/s(new home), and over handling, etc. Repeated Hypoglycemic attacks from stress can cause Liver Damage or even Death and are not covered by this contract. Your puppy will have an adjustment time and needs a Stable environment/ Schedule until he/she is well adjusted to your new home. Small puppies are very fragile and accidents do happen. Every precaution should be exercised in handling small puppies, as their bones are tiny and easily injured. These conditions are ALL THE BUYERS RESPONSIBILITY.  The seller assumes no responsibility after this puppy leaves these premises for any change of mind of the buyer. Our puppies are adopted as Pet Quality. We suggest getting your males neutered and females spayed at 6 months old or appropriate age for their size. If puppy is bred without agreement with seller this guarantee is as void. Guarantee does not cover conditions such as testicles not descending, improper bite, umbilical hernia's, minor physical flaws, etc. Seller is not responsible for any vet bills incurred.  

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