Gizzy/Lucky Toy Poodle Litter 2012

Black/White Parti Girl 4.5lbs 

Lucie is an Agility Star winning many many ribbons and she is also an AKC good citizenship certificate holder. 

Hello, Wanted to give you and update on Lucie She was great on the plane not a problem at all. She loves her new home. I put a potty patch on the front porch for her and she understands. The wind tonight is so cold and strong. We run some errands and when we return i put her on the grass out front in case she had to go and the wind blew her over. So needless to say i picked her up and cuddled her, She has a red fleash coat and when we are out s ide she doesn't mind wearing it. She has been the best little girl ever...... will keep you posted

She is so loved by so many people. Lucie has been a blessing to have as you can tell by her eyes. She wants to make people happy and loves to do tricks and her agility class. We finished up the last agility class and start a new sessuib next week. Lucie is also working on getting her Citizenship Award. Will let you know how that goes.

I just emailed you the videos - Just want to let you know that she has a blast when we go and when we practice at home. Everyone at class just loves her and her temperament is awesome. She is a little spoiled but in a very good way. She was great to house train and she travel's like a pro. I get her hair groomed every 2 weeks.  

Riley Muffy/Ryan Bichon Litter Nov. 2013

Riley had his first grooming today and he looks marvelous!  His groomer said he was really good. Thanks to you I'm sure Carol!

Hi there. Mom wanted me to send you a picture of Riley today after his grooming. He's such a sweet and loving dog!

Lily Muffy/Ryan Bichon Litter 2013 

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we got our precious Lily from you. I know I haven’t been good about sending picture updates but thought you might like to see her all dressed up for Christmas! She’s wonderful, and we love her to pieces!
Merry Christmas,
Lee Jones

Gizzy's Maltipoo litter 2014

Hi Carol!  Teddy's first night was great! He slept well and is adjusting amazingly. My fiancé fell in love with him and they are best buds now. We saw the vet you recommended and everything looks good! Thank you so much for letting me take him home!

This is from last night :)

Gizzy's Maltipoo Litter 2014 

Carol, already 2 weeks and I haven't sent an update to you sorry, I have been neglectful.
First of all, we are loving her to pieces...she adjusted to us right away.  Thank you for the food and the beef stick.  The sticks keep her very busy at times, for which we are grateful. [Emoji]
It has been a long time since we have had a puppy so there are adjustments in our household, of course.  But, all in all, she is, as you say, very smart and very sweet.  She does her pottying very obediently first thing in the mornings by going to the patio grass pad.  But, thru the day, it's hard to catch her...she is not letting us know when to go out but, if we do see her in the act, she knows she has done wrong when she goes in the house.
The appt. with the Vet was very positive...his words..."I like her!"
I will send pictures of her along the way,.
Hope all is well there...
Thanks for everything,
Pam and Sam

Brownie/Timmy Maltipoo Litter 2014

Cream Boy 

Thank you for the info on the shots.  He is doing great.  We named him Boo Boo.  He has slept very well. No whining and has gotten up only a couple of times each night to potty and play for a while.  He does have quite a little personality.  ha ha  I am really enjoying him.  Thank you.

Chocolate Girl 

Took her to the vet yesterday, everything was great. She's adjusting really well.


We are really enjoying her!

Coco is doing great! Here is a picture of her in her little vest.

Sep. 2018  Maltipoo Pup  

Hi Carol,

Bennet is slowly starting to eat more, and has definitely started exploring and playing more. Everyone at the vet’s office on Tuesday loved Bennet, and he was so happy to meet the vet and vet tech. He’s a perfect little sweetheart, and I’m so happy to have him. Thank you for such an amazing pup!

Annabell/Timmy Maltipoo 


Good morning, He had a great night, he is very happy

We took Teddy tobthe vet today everything is good

Chocolate/White Parti Boy 

He did great! He is a rock star, right now he is snuggled up next to me taking a nap.

Thanks again!

Cream Girl 

She did very well last night.  Some fussing but settled down quickly.  I think she was very tired from such a busy day.  Eating and drinking well too.  Really enjoying her!

Black/White Parti Boy 

Thank you. Got heartworm med at vet. He is settling in very well and loves the giraffe toy you sent.That is heart worm prevention meds 

Muffy/Ryan Bichon litter 2015 

Girl #3 

Sorry for the delay.  Puppy #3 was a bit overwhelmed by her surroundings at first, not exploring too much.
Now she seem to be very comfortable with her new home.  She has not ventured through the whole house yet.
We got her shots Thursday and our vet thought she was adorable.  His brother was looking for a bichon and I gave them  
your website.
Still bouncing names around for her.
Thank you,

Girl #2 

Hi Carol,  Mitzi is doing good.  Yesterday she slept a lot on my lap as we came home.  She didn't eat a lot of food last night, but we gave her a few Eucanuba biscuits and she chewed up a nylabone healthy edibles bone, so we thought that would be enough.  Mitzi slept very well last night, just woke up one time and gave a little yelp to wake us and we got up with her for a few minutes and she settled down for the rest of the night.  This morning she ate breakfast and has been investigating both inside and outside in the backyard and has played a little with us.  I think  she is settling in very well and we love having her.

Girl #1 

Our new little Bichon (Zoe') loves that chew stick that you put in the bag for us last week.  I cannot find those at PetsMart.  Can you tell me what they are and where you got them??  We need to get some more for her.

She has been "tinkling" in the front yard and we are rewarding her with soft-chew treats that I got at Bark n Purr in Austin.

She is smart...and so loveable. Great dog...and excellent breeding, I might add.

Thanks for the info.

Lee and Mary Ann Majors

Pandi/Nicky Schnoodle 2015

Chocolate/White Parti Girl   

Carol: I meant to have e-mailed sooner, but wow a new puppy takes up a lot of time. 

Had good vet visit on Thursday.  Joe and I love Boo, but our older Schnoodle does not---yet.  I am optimistic that will soon change.

Boo has slept through the night until about 5am every morning. She is so very full of energy and plays alone quite well.  We have bough her a million toys and she has played with them all for about 5 seconds each.  I think she has ADD.

Anyway, love her to pieces and are thankful she came from a good family.

We'll keep you posted with pictures from time to time.  


Tiny Black Girl  

I wanted to follow up and let you know the follow up exam with the vet went well.  Jacie passed her fecal exam and well check. We are going to wait until next week to finish out the remaining rabies shots and boosters she needs. I will likely have them space these out since she is so small. She weighed 3.2 pounds and is a happy camper. Last night was a little rough with sleeping,but  we are trying to get her on a schedule of eating small meals three times a day instead of leaving the meal out all day allowing her to pee and poop at her leisure. Plus this apparently helps avoid hypoglycemia that many small dogs face since they don’t eat very much.The vet said she should be able to at least hold her bowels for 4-5 hours at this age..and really through the whole night if we can have her last water/food given a few hours before bed. If you had Jacie on any kind of schedule that would be great so we can fall into some of her natural patterns. The biggest issue is having her pee outside and not on the puppy pads. 
Thanks again for any help you can provide. Do you need some sort of receipt to prove I took her to the vet? Also—the doctor cannot really do a through check for heart/liver evaluation without expensive X-rays and blood tests, so hopefully her health will be good moving forward. 
Blessings to you and yours, 

Brownie/Timmy Maltipoo litter 2015 

Cream Boy 

We named him Koda. He is doing extremely well. Getting lots of love and attention. He had a pretty good night last night, considering it was his first night away from mom and sisters.  Eating well and taking lots of time to nap.  

Gizzy/T.J. Toy Poodle Litter Dec. 2015 

Black Toy Poodle Boy 

Sweet Little Milo taking a nap!😄 He is doing great and is very happy! We love him dearly and has fit right in with his new family!!

another update : 

Hi Carol! How are you and your mom doing? Sorry these pics aren't very good but this little peanut Milo is fast😂 He is doing great and we love him so much. He is a very happy little guy and so much fun!!! How is his brother Oliver doing?

Lulu/D.J. Maltipoo Litter Dec. 2015 

Black Girl 

Thank you!  It was so nice meeting you and Evelyn. Lilly did great in the car- sat on my lap and snuggled right in.  She sleep for part of it and played with the toy you gave us. She is such a love.  She is doing well at our home. She has already ate and drank alittle something  and is sleeping right now. 

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another update : 

Hope you and your family had a nice Easter. Lilly is doing great- she enjoyed her first Easter. She weights 3.5 lbs and is a good eater and is sleeping great every night in her crate. We love her so much and she has been a wonderful addition to our family.

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