The word Teacup is a term that many breeders use to describe the size a puppy will be. Not a term used by a Breed Standard. 
All our Tiny Puppies(t-cups/tiny toys) are bred from Tiny/T-cup Lines. They are not runts. They were bred to be tiny and stay tiny. Our tiny(t-cup) puppies will be on the higher end of the price range due to this. 

All Homes will be well screened for our Teacup sized puppies. We want to ensure that you will be a good match for these tiny babies before a deposit is placed. They require constant care and all of your time. You need to have a lot of Love and Attention to give them. 

This applies to our Teacup/Tiny puppies (Maltipoo ) that will be 3-4lbs full grown. There are also Tiny Teacups (which are sometimes called Pocket or Micro T-cups.) that will be under 3lbs. These puppies need extra care until they are 6-9 months of age. They need a lot of Attention and Love. They also need food/water available at all times. As well as plenty of sleep.

Some puppies that will not be T-cups need these directions for just their adjustment time ( the first couple weeks). Puppies who have the personality that need a lot of attention even though they will not be 3-4lbs will stress if not given enough attention or if they are over handled/over played. 
They need to have little exercise. I advise to have a exercise pen or baby play pen set up for them when they come home. So they have a small area. You will place a bed/blanket or small crate on one end along with their food/water bowls. The other end will be for newspaper or a pee pee pad for them to go on. I usually set this up next to my bed or in the living room when we have gotten tiny new additions to our family. If they cry at night I would put their pen or a crate next to your bed. Crying can be very stressful on a tiny puppy. They need to know you are there for them and this comforts them.

Our Teacups/Tiny Puppies have to be eating well to go to their new home. They can still take the transition harder than a Tiny Toy (5-6lbs) or Toy puppy (7-10lbs). This means they may not feel like eating which can result in low blood sugar. Make sure your puppy eats 4 times a day or free feed them (leave food for them at all times). Teacups need smaller meals more often. Try soaking their food in water to moisten it , wet food (canned food.  If they still do not eat and are showing the signs of lethargy and weakness they will need 1/2 tsp of Karo syrup mixed in water or mixed in wet food to get their blood sugar up. You will also need to keep them warm in a blanket. DO NOT WAIT TO TAKE THEM TO THE VET IF THE NEED ARISES. 
Prevention is the best cure. Don't let their bloodsugar get too low. Give them Nutrical or sugar water for the first couple days home to keep their blood sugar up. The Nutrical is full of the vitamins/nutrients they need. Or You can also add a cap full Karo Syrup to their water bowl or put it over their food for the first couple weeks. Triggers of low blood sugar are Stress ( such as going to a new home ), bacterial infections or coccidiosis. When a puppy is exposed to stress and/or not getting proper nutrition, Coccidiosis / and other Bacterial Infections that were laying dormant may be brought on and then rapidly mutiply making hypoglycemia worse. This is why many breeders and vets have been stumped as to how an otherwise healthy puppy can suddenly get coccidiosis or other bacterial infections only days after going to their new home. 
At this small size/young age. They need a lot of Attention, Love and Care. They love to be held/played with throughout the day (only about an hour at a time). This will bond them with you also. They then need 2-3 hrs for a rest/nap in their pen for every hour you hold them or play with them.
Teacups are well suited for Families that are home most of the day(not gone  longer than about 4hrs at a time.) and have no young Children (under the age of 8-10 yrs old .) A Tiny Toy is a much better choice and they are not that much bigger than a Teacup.

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