Notes from New Owners Starting with some of our very first puppies. 

Molly (retired)/Frank Maltese Male 1L Born 2005My name Is Lea and I recently bought a puppy from Carol with Tiny Tots Texas. To be honest with you, this was my first time purchasing a pet on line and I was quite hesitant about the process. However, working with Carol put all of my fears to rest. I arranged for my little Maltese to be shipped to Maryland. I received an email from Carol with all of the flight information a few days prior to his departure. Carol sent me an email the morning my puppy departed from Texas and told me what he had eaten before he got on the plane, how long his lay over would be ( and special instructions to the flight staff to give him a little water during his lay-over) and what to feed him if he wasn't eating properly upon his pick- up from the airport. There were no unexpected problems and everything went according to plan. Carol asked that I contact her when I arrived home from the airport to let her know that my puppy arrived safely. I took him to the vet two days after his arrival and he received an excellent bill of health. In addition to a pleasant and worry free buying experience, my puppy is truly an absolute gem. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience in dealing with Carol and Tiny Tots Texas. Please feel free to contact with any additional questions. I'm sure you will be as happy with your experience as I have been with mine. 
Sincerely, Lea   

Molly ( retired)/Frank (retired) Maltese Male 2L  Born 2006

Hello my name is Robert Matte and we own the maltese puppy living in the killeen area, he is under puppies sold, and we would like to update him for your web site. His name is Toby and he belongs to Judy and Robert Matte, and we live in Harker Heights Texas. We have never enjoyed a dog such as the one we purchased from you he is pleasant and very loving thank you for selling him to us.

Judy and Robert Matte 

Sandy ( retired) and Rhett Red Toy Poodle Male

Just wanted to send a picture of Jaxx I took with my phone. He is such a sweet dog. He has become mine now (which is what I hoped would happen all the time) since my daughter has been so busy with her senior year. Rest assured that Jaxx is well loved. He sleeps in the bed with my husband and me and we have both fallen in love with him. Thanks so much. Alisa B.


Holly (retired)/Andy Maltese Male (TEX) July '08 Litter 

Wanted to update you.  I took Tex to the vet today and he was all checked out with a clean bill of health.  
I also had him microchipped and he weighs a whopping 2lbs. 4oz. (he he).

I meant to ask what each of his parents weigh.  Can you give me the weight of Holly and Andy?  
Thank you in advance for your time and thank you for offering this wonderful puppy for sale.  
My entire family is crazy about him and my mom bought him a UT Longhorn T shirt!  Go Horns!


I will tell my friends about you.




Holly (now retired)/Andy Maltese Girls 1 and 2. Girl #2 joined her brother/littermate Tex and Girl #1 went to Janet's mother. 

Holly (retired)/Andy (retired) July '08 Litter 


They did great!  We have named our newest angel, Mimi.  It is my daughter's nickname.  My mom, has named her new baby, Miss Molly.  Mimi adjusted really well.  She is already going potty outside.  Tex obviously remembered his sister, but she didn't seem to know him.  However, they are already playing together.  My husband has totally fallen in love with this little darling.  She slept in the bed with us and slept through the night.

We love her, thanks!



Molly (retired)/Joey Maltese Girl      Aug. 2008 Litter 



I just wanted to let you all know that Bella is over a year now (1 year and 4 months old) and doing wonderfully!  She is very playful and loving.  She only weighs 3lbs, the vet says she is fine.  I am very happy to have her.  Thank you again!


Rose ( retired)/Rhett (retired) Red Mini Poodle Girl #2  Pixie July 2008 Litter

I just wanted to let you know that Pixie (it was going to be Gracie but my daughter kept calling her greasy) so she is now she is doing great.  She is adorable and slept in my bed all night and it was wonderful.   My girls adore her and as you can see in the picture they make sure that she is covered up in her bed and as her pillow and everything & she just lays there and let's them.  Thank you so much for giving my family such a wonderful forever friend. 


Re: Pixie  

I just wanted to thank you again for allowing my family to get Pixie.  She is just what we needed and we all love her so much.  I can assure you that she is spoiled rotten and is considered a princess by my daughters.  Gosh for Valentines day she got her hair and nails done and that's more then I can say I  She is always needing a new shirt, sweater, toy or something and it is just a joy to see my kids involved in the responsibility of having a pet and a forever friend.  


Hannah(retired)/Watson April 2009 Havanese Litter Girl #1 Jewel 

Hi Carol and Evelyn,


Thank you for our precious bundle of joy!  Jewel did well going to her new home, and even had an appetite to eat dinner that evening.  She has adapted really well to her new surroundings.  We just love her!  She is affectionate and fun!  We took her to the vet and she had a good checkup.


Here are a few pictures of Jewel taken last Thursday at 8 weeks old.


Take care and thanks again!


Charlene, Mark and Sarah

Jewel May 2010 


Just thought I would send you a picture of Jewel (Hannah/Watson girl #1) taken on her birthday (April 30, 2010). She is very sweet and cuddly!! She likes to be a lap dog, and lays by our daughter Sarah every morning. We just adore her!! Thanks again for our precious dog!! Charlene

Maggie(retired)/Jacs (retired) Bichon Girl 1L   May 2009 Litter 


Attached is a picture of Anouk, (Maggie/Jacs first girl) at 7 months.  We are having a great time. I am taking her skiing in January and we will see how she likes the snow.  Cold weather does not seem to phase her.  Anouk is a great companion!  

Hopefully all is going well for you and you have a great holiday.


Hannah(retired)/Watson April 2009 Havanese Litter   Girl #3 Ivy  

Just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays, as well as send you a new picture of Ivy. She'll be 8 months old this week and is an absolute joy--the best dog we've ever had (also the smartest and definitely the most entertaining). Ivy is more than we ever imagined and our whole family is completely smitten with here. She's our happy, loyal, loving puppy-girl.&n bsp;

We had Ivy spayed last week and she's recovering nicely. She went to see our groomer this morning and now she look and smells heavenly. We took a picture so you can see how much she's grown. She weighs about 10 pounds now.

Feel free to post her picture on your website and/or include this message. There's no doubt...we are satisfied customers!!

Happy New Year!

The England Family

Cypress, Texas

Hannah (retired)/Watson April 2009 Havanese Litter Girl #2  Miss Bofo

Hi there Carol,

Attached is a photo of the wonderful puppy you sent to us in Chapel Hill, NC last summer.  (Photo taken today)  She is almost 11 months old and a joy in our house.  It certainly made me nervous to agree to buy a puppy from so far away, but she couldn’t be more wonderful!   Her colors have grown out, and she is mostly white and gold/peach, and 9.5-10 lbs.  I haven’t yet taken her to the groomer—the kids wanted to keep her fur long, so we are combing daily.  She is so smart and playful…she rings a bell when she wants to go outside.  My son has taught her how to shake, and we are working on the other commands.  The kids are absolutely thrilled with her, and tell me regularly that we have the best dog ever!  Thank you so much, you guys and Hannah and Watson did great!


Daisy (retired) /Lucky Toy Poodle Female Dec. 2009 Litter, She is now Kaci and is with Pam in Tx

Evelyn and Carol - 

I have thought about you and meant to write so many times - but I get 

distracted so easy when this little black ball of fur runs up with that 

tail just going! Kaci has been such a joy and makes us laugh - she hasn't taken the place 

of Nikki - but she is so special in her own right.  The entire family 

came to meet her and they always ask about her when they call.  In trying to potty 

train her, we find that we are outside so much of the time  and  she 

just loves that. When she is tired, she will crawl into her crate to sleep or go to the 

back of the closet.  She has entirely too many toys and spends most 

afternoons with my daughter's poodle.Sissy WAS the younger dog and is still having 

some trouble with the shift in attention but Kaci keeps trying to make friends.  

Kaci has discovered the upstairs part of our house - if she can't find 

me she goes up there and you will find her at the top of the stairs 

whining - she can't get 

down by herself.  We are getting lots of exercise. 

She has her second Dr. visit this Friday. The Dr. advised us not to get her groomed until 
a week


after this set of shots so her first beauty appt. is the following 

weekend.  I will send you a picture when she gets a haircut.  I bathed her this last weekend 

and she didn't seem to mind too much. 

Kaci is a very happy, loving puppy - and she gets lots of love in return 

from the whole family. 


I thought you would want to know how she is doing - will send you a pic 

in a couple of weeks - she is a beauty!!! (and very much a tomboy) 


Tiffy (retired)/Henri (retired) Dec. 2009 Bichon Litter Girl #2

Izzy in her new home with the Russell Family in Tx 

Hi Carol -

Not the best body picture but I snapped it after Izzy got her first grooming today.  We are really enjoying her!
Dolly (retired)/Andy Maltese Girl #1 Jan. 2010 Litter. Now Sarah in her new home with Jo and Lisa 
in the Austin area.
She is a delight! We are in love! She explored every outdoor area we have and the
 entire inside of the house. She wanted to know where everything was kept. She found the two water bowls 
and all the dog beds! She's home. We will keep in touch! 
Jo and Lisa

Abby ( retired)/Leo(retired) Bichon Girl #1 March 2007 Litter

She is now Lily and with the Montoya Family 

Hi Evelyn and Carol,


I keep wanting to send you an updated picture of Lily and I finally got around to it.


We have moved back to SoCal (home) south Orange County, so Lily is now enjoying the wonderful California 
weather we have here!


As you can see from her picture she is being treated like royalty and she loves it! And we all love her, she is
 definitely the princess in our house. J


Take care and thank you so much for our wonderful little girl, we love her!  

Lili ( retired)/ Henri  (retired) July 2010 Bichon Litter  Girl #1  Casey is with Ed here in Tx. 

Hi Carol, 

Casey had her 3rd set of shots last week and did very well. She 

loves all her squeaky toys and knows just how to make them squeak. She had a 

good shampoo and brush out at PetSmart last Saturday. It was well worth it for the 

$10.00). While I was there I bought her a big squeaky animal for being so good. The 

tail makes a sound like duck and she plays with that a lot (plus all the 

others). Gets along with everyone. I told her we are going to have to start 

charging for these free kisses she is giving away to everyone she meets. 

HaHaHa. She is with me every non working minute even all day on weekends. 

Still trying to find a home so I can get Casey some company. 


Thanks for checking on Casey and feel free to email me anytime or stop by 

for a visit. 




 Another Note from Ed

Hi Carol,

          Hope you are all doing fine. Casey had her final set of shots today. She is glad that’s over with at least for
 this year. I took her for walk today downtown by the river. They have a very nice park down by the Palmer 
auditorium that I never knew was there. Very clean with walkways and fountains. Great for just walking, jogging 
or walking your dog. One guy stopped to chat when he saw Casey and asked me where I got her. I pointed him
 to your website and was happy to hear about it and said he would check it out. She gets a lot of attention from people. Sometimes I think Casey should be signing autographs. 

Have a great Thanksgiving. Casey not big on turkey but she loves chicken. Very strange.


Casey & Ed


Lili (now retired)/Henri July 2010 Bichon Litter.  Boy #2

He is now Duncan and loves his new home with Lyndsay in Tx.


Hi! He is doing great! He is the best little snuggler I have ever seen and he 
really likes to sleep on Adams pillow which might be the cutest thing ever.  We 
are giving him lots of love and plan on putting him in some puppy training 
classes after the Holiday.  We'll get some pictures together and send them to 
you! And thank you so much for this precious little guy, we love him very much! 


Hannah(retired)/Watson Oct. 2010 Havanese Litter Girl #1 Now CoCo and is with the Yeager's in Tx.

Everything is going great...what a cute little dream she is!  She's made herself at home.  Cheers, Brenda and Jay

Hannah (retired)/Watson Oct. 2010 Havanese Litter  Light Gold Sable Boy Now Rowdy and with the Clancy's in Tx.FABULOUS! He is well-loved by everyone including the other pets. We named him Rowdy & he seems to know his name already! MERRY CHRISTMAS & thanks again - you have beautiful dogs!!! Sabra
Tiffy (now retired)/Henri Boy #2 Dec. 2009 Litter He is now Miloh and with the Daver's
Hello, I adopted a bichon frise from you and he is now a year and a half.  His name is Miloh and he is a joy!! definitely spoiled and has a very animated personality! I have attached a photo!! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have miloh as part of my family.  I have never been happier!  He is now with me in Colorado while I attend Graduate school!!  thank you, Vasudha
Hannah/Watson Boy Einstein from April 2009 Litter  
Hi Carol, We adopted from your first havanese litter. Thought you'd enjoy this updated pic taken today. He is 2 years 3 mths, but you know that. :) Take care, The Perry Family

Continued from page 1 (newer emails on towards bottom of this page) 
Holly (retired)/Andy (retired)  2010 Litter
Boo AKA Newton is with Tim and Rachel in Tx
Hi Carol and Evelyn, 

I wanted to give you a quick Boo update!  He is doing great and is a very loving 
companion.  He stays by my side or on my lap when its available.  He is also 
getting along great with our other pups and enjoys his play time with them.  He 
has also become a little traveler going with us on weekend trips or with me to 
Home Depot.   We really love him and are grateful to have his little smile in 
our lives.  Take care! 

Tim and Rachel
CoCo/Lucky Jan. 2012 Toy (T-cup) Poodle Litter
Girl #2 Now Pepper and with Kim in Tx !!!
 She ate once already & seems to be feeling cozy & comfortable with us so far. I will send y'all some pictures that you can feel free to post. Thanks again for everything! She is so sweet & we just love her!
CoCo/Lucky Jan. 2012 Toy (T-cup) Poodle Litter
Girl #1 Now Mini and with Diana in OK !!!
Holly ( retired)/Andy (retired) 2008 Maltese Litter Tex and Mimi are with Janet here in Tx !!!
Email -- March 19th 2012 !!
Wanted to update you on the babies I purchased in 2008. Tex is 8.5 lbs and Mimi is 4.2 lbs. They are both our little darlings and everyone I meet wants to take both of them home. Here are recent pictures and thank you again for our babies! They are such sweet, sweet dogs.
Thank you! I think they are just gorgeous and always tell people where I purchased them. I think you sell high quality breeds. I’ve seen other people’s Maltese they have purchased and they do not have the beautiful features your dogs do. So again, thank you for breeding such beautiful puppies.


Shared to my Facebook Page from Dani along a Picture of them.
Malchon Girls from our 2010 Litter !!!
 Dani DeLay Garcia

I have the most awesome dogs. They are the cutest, funniest, sweetest things that ever walked on four legs. Thank you Carol Ferguson and Texas Tiny Tots !!
Lili (now retired)/Henri July 2010 Bichon Litter Boy #1 Now Louis and with Louanna and Family in Tx
Dearest Carol and Evelyn,
Today will be our one week anniversary with our baby boy Louis, the most adorable bichon frise.
Louis has made a big difference in our home. He is exactly what my parents and I needed
to complete our family. The week before we brought Louis home and a few days there after,
both my parents ( 67 & 73 yrs old) had been to the emergency room with high blood pressure.
They have done a better job of taking care of themselves, and their blood pressure is better.
I really believe that Louis has helped them both to relax. We adopted Louis at the age of 5 months,
and I do believe that in itself was a blessing. By this time Louis had already been well trained to behave and most importantly to be so loving.It really shows how much love and effort that you put into Louis.
We are amazed at how loving he is and how smart he handles himself in his new home.
We are so proud that we have the most wonderful and loving part of your family living with us now
and that is our Louis! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving him the way you all did
and for keeping the best of the litter for the Barbosa family.
 May God Bless You and your Family.
With Love,
Louanna and Louis
Krystal (retired) and Lucky Maltepoo Boy Sep. 2010 Litter
Moose is the most wonderful puppy!
It is amazing to watch him learn new things and play. He loves his toys, especially a teddy bear that's bigger than him! He's eating well, has adjusted to our home, and is a very happy puppy. Thank you so so so much for everything! We will continue to keep you posted!
Derek and Meggie 
Dolly (retired)/Andy Girl #1 Jan. 2010 Litter. She is now Sarah and lives with Jo Bess and Lisa here in Tx
I just wanted to send you an update on our beautiful Sarah. She is so much fun, very happy and such a joy. Over the years we have always worked really hard to train our dogs to respond to simple commands. Sarah has been one of the smartest and easiest to train we have ever had as part of our family. She is such a love. We have included some pictures Halloween, Christmas, 1st BD and Easter.
Thank you,
Jo and Lisa
Another email
We love our Sarah and will be getting a second dog so she will have companionship. We will look for a female because that's all we've ever had. I've look on your web site and love the photos. Both your baby girls are precious and we know from experience the quality of what one gets is top notch Thank you
Dolly (retired) and Joey Girl #2 Feb. 2011 Litter She is now Kate and is now with Jo Bess, Lisa and Sarah (another Dolly Maltese)
Kate is really doing well. She has been eating, drinking and going potty in all the right places! Will send more later. Thank you for this precious baby. Jo Bess and Lisa
Dolly (now retired) and Joey Girl #1 Feb. 2011 Litter She is Now Lily and with the Crofts in Tx
Hi Carol!  Lily is doing great and growing!  It's amazing how quickly they grow at this age.  Her hair is now so long that it is parting down her back!  I didn't think it would grow this fast.  It's hard to go anywhere without having people stop us to ask us how old she is and how big she will get, and especially to tell us Howe cute she is!!  We found a harness dress (only thing we could find that was small enough!) and she really gets alot of attention in that!!  It is very cute on her and makes her look even smaller some how.  
Louise, Dash and Lily


Maggie (retired) and Frank(retired) Malchon Boy May 2011 Litter

Hey Carol and Evelyn,  Junior is doing really well.  He is eating and playing and sleeping a lot.  He likes his crate for the most part too!  His wellness check is scheduled for Friday afternoon!   Just wanted to update you both and thank you again- he is a joy!   -Laura and MasonMaggie/Frank Malchon Girl #1 May 2011 Litter. She is now Molly and with the Kennedy's in Tx
Molly is doing really well.  She is full of life and loves to play hard and sleep hard.  She is very smart and pays very close attention.  She already knows her name and comes running when you call her.  She follows me everywhere in the house or sits by my side or at my feet when I am reading or working on computer.  She has a little bed and play pen plus toys and she gets in her bed when tired and goes in her play pen when she wants to play alone.  She is eating really good.  She likes to nip and bite at things but she will grow out of that.  She's a keeper! Thank you, Bonnie
Molly Update 9-9-11

I wanted to share pictures of the puppy I adopted from you in July (maltichon).  Her name is Molly.  
We also adopted an older dog, Annie (8 months old) also.  They are great playmates. 
Annie takes care of Molly and Molly does not know she is little. She chases Annie 
around the house and likes to pin her in a corner.  Annie, just loves on her and is not agressive at all.
Molly is doing good and very healthy.
Thank you.
Bonnie Kennedy
Groveton, TX

Lily update : Dolly ( retired)/Joey Maltese Girl #1 Feb. 2011 litter 

 Hi Carol.  Lily is doing great and is such a joy to have around.  
She is at 2 lbs. 8 oz. now and seems to be holding there. 
 She was gaining weight pretty steadily until the last month or two but seems to be slowing down now.
  Could she be finished growing by 7 months?  Our vet is anxious for us to get her spayed but
 I keep putting it off.  I hate to think of her in pain or discomfort from the surgery
 and haven't been able to bring myself to get it done yet but I know in my other, 
more rational brain that she'll be fine and it's better done sooner rather than later. 
 Maybe in the next week or so.  I want her to be ready for Halloween!! :)   
We have had more fun with Lily than we could ever have expected.  
She always makes us laugh and is so loving and sweet.  She's good about being held by other people
 and gets along well with other dogs and cats.  She is quiet enough to be with us wherever we go
 but is fine being left home with the other dogs if we can't take her with us (like out for dinner).  Her hair
 is about 5 1/2 to 6 inches long and she looks like a real Maltese now.  Only problem is she HATES
 to have her topknot done!  It takes alot of treats but is still not easy.  You have one chance to get it right.  
If it's crooked, that's how it stays!    I promise to take pictures of her after her next grooming for you.
  I have a video from June but I have to make a new one.  I'll do that too when I take pictures.
  I want to get current pictures and video because she's so beautiful with her long hair.
  We still have problems with tear stains but we're working on it.   Hope all is well with you and your mom. 
 I'll send pictures soon.   Louise, Dash and Lily    

Tiffy ( retired) Bichon Boy #4 Dec. 2009 Litter   
He is Now Bobby and with Beth in Tx !!!

Oct. 2011 --
Hi There ,

We bought a boy from you in April 2010, and he has been the BEST DOG EVER!!! I am interested in buying your boy #3 if he's still available


Abby ( retired)/Leo (retired) Bichon Girl #1    
Now Baby and in her New Home with Vicki in Tx  
Hi Ladies- Baby is doing great-that's what we ended up namimg her because we were always saying " Come here Baby Girl " and it stuck- so that's her name ! She has brought such happiness to a not so happy household (With my Mother in Law's Cancer) I am so proud of her every day when she toddles off following my 2 boys to go outside to potty ! Her appetite is fantastic and she keeps trying to eat the big boy food! I have bathed her already and she did soooo well-everything she does amazes me! Thanks Again-keep in touch.
Holly (retired)/Andy(retired) Maltese Boy Aug. 2010 Litter Adopted Oct. 2011.
He finally found his perfect match with Tim and Rachel in Tx.
Excellent! Boo first night was great! He slept comfortably with us and is getting along great with his new brother and sister. We will keep you posted.
Another Note from Tim and Rachel

Hi Carol and Evelyn - I am writing to update you on Boo. He is doing very well and settling in nicely with us and our other fur babies. He is sitting in my lap as I type this update. He is extremely friendly, loving and gentle. He really enjoys sitting with me in my chair. And he follows me around when I get up or move around the house. He really loves to ride in the car and has been with me on a couple trips to the store. He also loves sleeping in bed with us and cuddles up between Rachel and me. We took him to our vet, Sunset Canyon, yesterday and as expected they said he is super healthy. They fell in love with him and took him around to show him off to all the vets and techs that work there. If you have any puppy pictures of him we would greatly appreciate having a couple. We will also send you pictures very soon. Thanks! Tim Wallace
Another email from the Wallace's
I thought you would enjoy seeing a picture of Boo with Santa. He is doing great and has become my little companion. He goes almost everywhere with me and is always on my lap at home. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Lili(now retired)/Frank Sep.30th 2011 Malchon Litter Izzy is now in her new home with Darla and Family in TX
Good morning Carol and Evelyn- hope all is well. I'm attaching the proof that we took Izzy to the vet last week. (I also included today's report, just because). Izzy is doing great. She is such a blessing. She is loved and spoiled by us all. Thank you so much! I'm also attaching two pictures of her with the girls. They are so proud. Please let me know if there is anything else you need from us. I will continue to update you periodically, if you both don't mind. -- Darla
>Lili(now retired)/Frank Sep.2011 Malchon Litter Callie is with Judy in Tx !! Yellow Ribbon Girl Hi Carol, Hope you had a nice Christmas.  Callie had a very nice 1st Christmas. She is into everything and has gained weight.  She went to the vet and I believe she is up to 3 lbs. and so many oz. Her potty training is coming along. She goes to the patio door and rings the bell when she wants to go out. The vet thinks that is great.She is getting use to things and I am very pleased to have her. I have taken some pictures and when I am through with the film, another 10 or so and get them developed I will send you one. Her personality is excellent. She does bite though and I am trying to train her not to. We will start puppy classes in mid-January. Well, all for now and thank you for selling her to me. She is very smart. Does not like the word "No" in her vocabulary. -- Judy
Tiffy (now retired)/Ryan Feb. 2012 Bichon Litter Rhodey and Rocky both went to Susan and Cheryl here in Tx Sep.29th 2012
These pictures were taken today after their grooming. We enjoy every minute of them, they are truly delightful pups. Rocky is very low key and Rhodey is a little high strung but in a cute way. Thank you so much they have brought so much Love and joy to our home. Susan
Gizzy/Lucky Toy Poodle Parti Girl 2012 Litter Lucie is with Robin 12-05-12
Lucie slept all night with me in bed and she follows me where ever I go. She is eating very well and goes potty outside. I love so much!!
2012 Maltese Litter Sugar is with Mona in Tx 11-29-12

Sugar is doing great!!!  Love her!

Hannah(retired) /Watson Boy 2010 Litter 
Rowdy with the Clancy's in Tx

I thought you might like to see what a fine looking dog Rowdy has turned
about to be. He turned 2 on Oct 25th & has been such a pleasure from day
one!!!! Sabra Clancy

Hannah(retired) /Watson Sep. 2012 litter 
Sox is with the Montoya Family in Tx 
was Boy #3 

Here's a picture taken today, all nice and clean. We've been so happy with him, thank you!

Maggie(retired)/Ryan Bichon Litter April 2013 

Spice is with Lisa and Family in Tx he joined Sugar another Maggie Bichon Boy 

Looks like the bichon puppies went home right in time for you to welcome the new puppies . :)

Spice is really adjusting well. His personality fits well with Sugar.

Thanks again for a great dog.


Another Email update on Spice 

Hi Carol/Evelyn,

Sugar are Spice are getting all very well . They play extremely well together.

Spice definitely has a more outgoing personality than Sugar but they compliment each other.

Here is a picture of the 2 bothers chilling on their Disney plush pal pillows.

Spice goes to the vet on Saturday for his 2nd set of shots.

Hope all is well .

Lisa, Lauren & Alan.

Maggie (retired)/Ryan Bichon Litter April 2013 

Cosmo is with Karin in Tx 

Cosmo is doing great.  He walks on the leash just fine, he comes and sits on command. He eats good and drinks good.  He knows if he does his business outside he gets a treat.  He and my cat are at least sniffing noses now.  He had his Vet check up with Dr. Sundbeck today and got a clean bill of health.  Cosmo found Dr. Sundbeck's shoelace and pulled it open while doing his puppy growl.  Everyone who meets Cosmo falls in love with him.  He has some toys that are a bit big but he proudly carries them to his bed.  Right now he is asleep in his bed in the crate with the door open.  He did cry a lot the first night and still cries when he can't be the center of attention.  That is a lesson he will have to learn.  My 2 grand children where here last night and the 3 of them had fun and played.  I still keep the gate up to the kitchen entrance.  It will be a while before that goes away. So far so good and I love my little puppy.

   Baxter from July 2010 Bichon Litter . He is with Wynn in Tx. 

   Just wanted to send picture of one of your pups. Baxter was born July 21,2010 Sire Henri's
Little waggin tail.
We have enjoy every minute with him. Everyone thinks he is a beauty. Thanks for offering him to us.


  Casey from our July 2010 Bichon Litter. She is with Ed in Tx.   


Hi Carol,  Just some updated pictures of Casey. They are not great pictures but ok for now. Casey as you know just turned 3 years old and at 24 pounds a little hefty little girl. She has me wrapped around her little paw.

She eats mostly those bags of shredded Mozzarella cheese. Lots of chicken and duck treats. NO MEAT.

She will not eat any beef. Burgers or steak no way. Never seen a dog turn down a burger. Mostly a veggie girl if you don’t count chicken as meat. HaHAHa

She goes everywhere with me on weekends and I bring her to work with me on Friday afternoons. She just lays under my desk and is real quiet. Seldom barks anywhere. She loves everybody.

I don’t know what I would do without her. She is an angel and sleeps with her nose in my neck and always up against me somewhere while I sleep.

As you can tell we are very close. As they say in that credit card commercial PRICELESS and I really mean just that.


Casey and Ed   

Hannah(retired)/Watson Litter Sep. 2012  Sox is with the Montoyas in Tx 

Posted and Had a Picture Tagged to my FB page 

Nov.25th 2013 
One year ago today this little guy came into our lives. Never thought I'd be a dog person but Sox definitely changed that. I wuv him...Thanks Carol Ferguson.

Krystal(retired)/T.J. Maltipoo 2013 Maltipoo Litter Tiny Cream Girl (Buffy) now Gisette 
Met Her at the Airport and she flew back with her tiny new bundle. 

Just a quick update.  Our little girl (now Gisette) is doing very well.  LOVES to cuddle and is beginning to explore her new home.  Vet said she is doing well. 
So much personality is such a little bitty package!
Enjoying her very much.  Thank you.

Karen in AZ 

Krystal (retired)/T.J Maltipoo 2013 Maltipoo Litter  Creamy White/White Boy now Bo is with Jeanne in Tx 

Thanks!!  He is doing great and I am really enjoying him.  His name is Bo and he went on a "roady" with me this past week to Nashville, Tn.  He is a great little traveler and seemed to enjoy the trip.  Thanks again.

Assistant County Attorney

Krystal(retired) /T.J. 2013 Maltipoo Litter  Black/Tan Phantom Boy Now with the Benson's in Tx 

Oh my goodness - he is wonderful!! He is eating and drinking great and has settled in very well. Not a peep from him last night and he seems to be happy as a clam. We are all enjoying him immensely!

Brownie/Lucky 2013 Toy Poodle Litter  
Girl #1 now Sophie is with Jean in Tx 


Sophie is soooooooooo happy.  Of course, she loves to be held, as you held her when she was with you.  She is taking to her crate nicely, and really likes her “sister” bear you gave her.  She sees her reflection in the refrigerator door and thinks it’s a puppy trying to play with her.  

Thank you,


Muffy/Ryan Nov. 2013 Bichon Frise Litter 

Boy #1 now Buddy with the Parker Family in Tx 
Note from March 2014 after his first night 

Here is a picture of "Buddy" (what we're calling him until we agree what name suits him) in his bed for the night. :)   

He has been so polite and sweet and cautiously checking things out.  He was very interested in his little "den" and that is where he curled up to sleep. 

We are all in love with him already. 

Thanks so much. 

Boy #3 now Riley with Meta in Texas 

Riley had his first grooming today and he looks marvelous!  His groomer said he was really good. Thanks to you I'm sure Carol!

Note from Meta July 2014 
Just wanted to let you guys know that Riley is growing up into a beautiful
Bichon. He is so personable and talkative. He is 7 months old but already knows
how to open the door from the garage into the house especially when I am carrying
groceries. Everyone remarks (including the groomer) how socialized he is,but
I always tell them I believe it started with you both from the beginning.

 Girl #3 (red girl) now Cookie with the John's in Tx 

Thank you do much for the link'. We have named your red girl.. "Cookie" .. She has settled in nicely.. Is happiest sitting in our laps.. �� I will let you know how the night goes.  Everyone thinks she is adorable and is a Facebook hit !! 

Girl #2 now Lily with the Jones' in Texas

She has been pretty close to perfect! She slept pretty well last night with us taking her outside for a potty break once. She has "gone" outside every time we take her and has used the pee pads once - pretty amazing we think! She and our other dog love each other - the older one is very gentle and Lily likes having another dog to snuggle with, but we are only letting them be together when we are watching closely.
Thanks for checking - we are all in love with her :)

Girl #1 now with the Atkinson Family in Texas 

She did great! Not a single cry and slept mostly through the night (mid-6am). I think we were more worried about her than she actually needed. She's very active when playing and seems to be eating well. And napping about 1.5 hr every 2 hrs. Thanks again, this is a beautiful puppy. Thanks, Greg

Hannah(retired)/Watson Dec.2013 Havanese Litter 

Creamy Apricot Girl now Kimbra with Benny in Texas. 

She continues to do very well and I just settled on a name about 30 minutes ago.  
Kimbra is fitting in with everyone.  She climbs up and down the front steps and already takes care of "most" of her business outside.  Kimbra can keep up with me when I walk as fast as possible, but after a trip to the neighbors and back she is quick to fall asleep.  She has only been getting me up twice a night although I wake up more than that just to be sure she is OK.  I almost named her Biscuit because her coloration reminds me of my biscuits coming out of the oven.

There make be one or a thousand more pictures later!


Wesley (Black/White Parti Havanese Boy ) .  He is with Stephanie in Tx 
Note from June 2014 

 I just wanted to send you a picture and an update for Wesley. He is almost 6mo old now! He is doing great here, and his siblings are treating him well. He recently graduated from puppy classes at Petsmart and his potty training is coming along! We all love him so very much. He makes us laugh frequently with his antics and brings us joy on a daily basis. Attached is a picture of him after his first trip to the groomers! 
Thank you!

Toby (Chocolate Sable Boy ) with Marija in Tx 
Note from June 2014 

Hi Carol

I just wanted to send you a quick update about Toby. 
He’s doing great, he’s attending puppy training and he’s one clever doggy! He also went to groomers for the first time and had his first trim, and he did great. Here are some more recent photos of him

Sable Boy with the Tisdale's in Tx 

The little guy did great during the night. Slept the whole night. He was pretty exhausted when we got home and adjusted to his new surroundings really easily.

Chocolate Sable Parti Boy with the Floy's in Tx 

He is the absolute sweetest dog. We decided maybe we should stop & let him water the grass after about an hour & a half (around Hillsboro). We used the collar & leash we brought. He wasn't a bit interested in getting out of the car. By that time the temps had dropped & the winds were really blowing. I drove and my husband decided to hold him in his lap the rest of the way home. He was so well behaved. Frank thinks he's an angel!
He's not really been very hungry or thirsty yet. Maybe it was stressful for him. But he seems fine. We are in love with this dog!! Thank you so much!

Hershey (Bosco?) did exceptionally well overnight. He didn't whimper or cry. Woke up early and ate, did his business, played hard & is now taking a little nap. He responds so well to everything. It's a delight to us. Could you tell me again what brand of shampoo to use on him?

Thanks again for everything!


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