We are very proud of the way we care for our puppies so you can have a Quality and Healthy
new baby. We do not have as many puppies as a Commercial Kennel so we can't offer our puppies at lower prices. We had our House Built with our Dogs in mind. We have also added on to our House just for our Dogs.  

Every Tiny Tots Texas Puppy is bred to be Healthy and of the Highest Quality
whether for a "PET" or "SHOW/BREEDING". This does not make the pet puppy any less valuable. People say they just want a pet and that the lines do not matter. They matter because the quality lines give you a better "PET" they are smarter , healthier, and more balanced in personality. 


The price of the puppy simply determines the cost and care that goes into raising the puppy. And the care that goes into the Mom's and Dad's. 

 Reputable dog breeders take their breeding very seriously, which we do. It takes a lot of time, energy, effort and money to breed puppies well. 

We keep our Website updated almost daily. 


Every one of our puppies are very special to us. Our prices reflect the time and work we have put into every puppy. From the love we give our mommies and daddies, the attention/care we give to our expectant mothers, the middle of the night whelpings or all night whelpings if a large litter, the round the clock care/monitoring of a new litter, the every 3-4 hr feedings when weaning, the wee wee pad training and the joy of playing with them/socializing them until they are ready to go to their new loving homes.  

We make sure all our puppies are healthy before they leave. So we make sure they are eating, drinking and playing well. 

 All Puppies are Priced with Limited (Companion/Pet)  AKC Registration (See below for more info on Limited AKC). Price may vary for exceptional puppies. Prices may also change due to quality of puppy(may end up smaller or have more qualities show up.) before a deposit is placed, once a deposit is placed price will not change.  


Prices of all puppies are determined by Size ,Color (for Havanese and Maltipoo), Conformation, Gender , Bloodline/Pedigree and Personality. We also go by how much the parents of the litter cost us which has to do with their bloodlines/pedigree. 

We give a Discount if getting more than one puppy at the same time

Our Website is always kept updated so the prices are Current !!

Designer Maltipoo puppies are usually priced at $1500-$2500 depending on size, gender and color. Our Maltipoo are in the 3-6lb range. They are bred from AKC parents. 
They are a 50/50 mix of quality purebred Maltese and Toy Poodle (tiny toy/tcup). From Tiny lines. Our Poodle Momma's are genetic tested PRA clear.  

Other Designer Puppies such as Havachon are priced at $1200-$1800 

Purebred Havanese when we occasionally have them will be priced at $1500-$2500



All our AKC Puppies are priced with Limited (Companion/Pet) AKC Reg. Which means they can not be shown and not intended to be bred. If bred their puppies would not be able to recieve AKC papers. We want them to go to Pet homes as a priority.  Full is Possibly Available To an 
Approved Home at an Additional Cost. 

Designer Puppies are sold as Pets 


All puppies are Adopted to Approved homes only. For all puppies we must have our application filled out and submitted to us. We have the right to refuse to sell a person a puppy at anytime or stop the sale of a puppy. If the home is found not suitable for the puppy. If a deposit has been placed the deposit will then be refunded. Our Teacup puppies must go to homes with no small children. Also there must be someone home most of the day( gone no longer than 4hrs) to care for these tiny puppies. 

Phone calls are accepted from 9am-7pm CST. We prefer that we are emailed as the first contact since we usually can't get to the phone. We are busy taking care of your new addition. But leave a message and tell us what puppy/litter you are interested in and we will return your call ASAP ! 

Age that a puppy is ready is determined by breed/size, Havanese and Havachon are ready at 8-10wks of age, Maltipoo are ready at 10-16wks depending on size. All Puppies must be a certain weight we are comfortable with and eating well on their own for a certain time frame in order to leave for their new home. 

Registration papers are guaranteed at pick-up of your new puppy. Unless you are getting your puppy at a reduced price w/o paperwork. Or one of our Designer puppies. 

We do not offer Shipping Puppy must be Pick-Up Only 
You Must either Drive and Come Pick up your Puppy or Fly Here into ABIA (Austin,Tx  Airport) and Fly Back with the Puppy. 
We were inspected by AKC Feb. 2013 and Passed with Acceptable. (You can only get Acceptable or Non-Acceptable). Our Inspector loved our Home Set-up and how clean their environment is. He said our Dogs were living " the Life of Luxury." 

We currently do not Show our Dogs. All the Champion Lines come from other breeder's lines. Although we have bought and have had dogs/puppies that were of Show Quality. We just don't have the time. We want to devote all our time to raising Quality, Healthy Puppies. We have researched our lines and All our adult dogs are very healthy and well-bred. It has taken a lot of time and money to make sure we are breeding from good lines. All the Dogs we own are Purebred AKC. Although we occasionally have designer puppies (mixes) the parents are purebred we do not breed from or keep any designer dogs.


Our Adult Dogs are very healthy and have no health problems. All our puppies and Adults are kept up to date on all shots and wormings. Adults  and older puppies are also kept up to date on heartworm preventative. We do use flea medication when we need to but we have not had fleas in over 5 yrs. All of our dogs stay indoors. They are house trained and use wee wee pads(if they need them). We have the different breeds but only have a small breeding program. Our puppies are home raised by our hands and all of our dogs are part of our family. They are also raised in a Smoke-Free Home. 
We do not stud out our males and our Adult dogs are not for sale unless posted. 

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