Tiny Tots Texas

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Please fill this out and email it to us. So we can know about you/your family and the environment the puppy will be in. Please Copy and paste these questions to an Email . We would hope to learn much about you to insure that  "our babies" are going into good new homes. 


If currently posted on the website what puppy are you interested in ?

Are All Members of the Family in agreement on the breed, size and gender of the new puppy?

Do you have any Children ? If yes tell me their age/s.

Do you have any other pets ? If yes what is their breed/size ?   

Are you planning to spay/neuter your new puppy ? 

If not are you planning on breeding or showing ?

Do you have a fenced yard? 

How many hours a day will be spent with your new puppy ?

Will there be someone home most of the day ?

Where will the puppy stay when you are not home (in a certain room or in a crate) ? 

Where will the puppy be when you are home ?  

What gender do you prefer ?  

If Inquiring about future Litters what breed are you interested in?

For Havanese or Poodle what color do you prefer ? 

How did you hear about our Website ?